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Best Dramatic Presentation

Russian Cyberpunk Farm / Русская кибердеревня Russia

Best Fanzine

Galaxy 42 #4  Romania,  nominated by Montenegro

Best Internet Publication

Decameron 2020, priče iz karantene Croatia

Best Work for Children

“An Adventure in the Lower Earth. Christmas Carolers vs Hallus Beasts” by Elena Pavlova      Bulgaria

Best Work of Art

“L’Héliotrope” book cover by Vaderetro     France

Best Written Work of Fiction

Radek Rak – Baśń o wężowym sercu albo wtóre słowo o Jakóbie Szeli           Poland

Hall of Fame Awards

Best Artist 

Igor Baranko  Ukraine

Best Author

Victor Pelevin / Виктор Пелевин    Russia

Best Magazine

Helion (Joint winner) Romania

Best Magazine

Mir Fantastiki / Мир фантастики (Joint winner) Russia

Best Promoter 

Vanja Kranjčević       Croatia

Best Publisher 

Colibri  (Joint winner) Bulgaria

Best Publisher  

Shtriga  (Joint winner) Croatia

Best Publisher 

Azbooka / Азбука  (Joint winner) Russia

Best Translator 

Serhiy Legeza / Сергій Легеза         Ukraine,

nominated by Ukraine & Russia

Chrysalis Awards

Anna Zabini (Austria)

Irena Parvanova (Bulgaria)

Chiara Pumper (Croatia)

Jean-Michel Ré (France)

Helen Corcoran (Ireland)

Romina Braggion (Italy)

Cosimo Suglia (Luxembourg)

Dragić Rabrenović (Montenegro)

BIANCA SOL (Romania)

Mikhail Kovba / Михаил Ковба (Russia)

Sara Engström (Sweden)

Vlad Sord (Ukraine)

European Grandmaster

Maurizio Manzieri (Italy)


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) announced winners of the 2020 Nebula Awards at the 56th Annual Nebula Banquet during the 2021 SFWA Nebula Conference.

Nalo Hopkinson became the 37th Damon Knight Grand Master, for her contributions to the literature of science fiction and fantasy. The Kevin O’Donnell, Jr. Service to SFWA Award was presented to Connie Willis. The Kate Willhelm Solstice Award was presented to Ben Bova, Rachel Caine, and Jarvis Sheffield.

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Baen Books has announced the results of the 2021 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award:

  • Grand Prize: “Salvage Judgement”, G. Scott Huggins
  • First Runner-up: “Reaction Time”, C. Stuart Hardwick
  • Second Runner-up (tie): “Samba do Espaço”,  Gustavo Bondoni
  • Second Runner-up (tie): “Love On The Ganymede Trail”, Kurt Pankau

The Grand Prize winner will be featured on the Baen website. The author will be given a trophy and paid professional rates.

Grand Prize, second, and third place winners each receive free admission into the 2021 International Space Development Conference and a year’s membership in the National Space Society, as well as an assortment of Baen Books and National Space Society merchandise.

The winners will be honored during the virtual International Space Development Conference, to be held May 27, 2021. Judges were Les Johnson and the editors of Baen Books.

For more information, see the official award webpage.




The winners for the 2020 British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Awards have been announced.

Best Novel

Best Short Fiction (under 40,000 words)

Best Non-Fiction

Best Artwork

  • “Shipbuilding Over the Clyde”, Iain Clarke

The awards were voted on by members of BSFA and the British Annual Science Fiction Convention (Eastercon). The winners were announced during ConFusion, held online April 2-5, 2021, and the ceremony was livestreamed on YouTube. For more information, see the BSFA website.