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Neither would extraterrestrials be likely to invade our solar system merely to steal our resources, he said. If a civilization is advanced enough that they’ve exhausted all the resources of their entire star system — every planet, moon and asteroid — and are all out of natural materials, they’re probably at a stage where they could create what they needed from simpler materials in their own backyard, rather than traveling across the galaxy for a very limited supply, Shostak said.

It’s equally unlikely they’d be showing up because they thought humans would make an excellent addition to their diet, he said.

“To do that, they would have to know that we had something interesting within our bodies that they could metabolize, and their body chemistry would probably be very different from ours,” Shostak said.

But Scott did get one thing right: If extraterrestrials are capable of building spacecraft that can transport them to our planet, they certainly would be technologically “superior” to people, Shostak said. And if he saw a spaceship suddenly appear, Shostak admitted that he’d probably do as Scott suggested — and just “run for it.”


Original article on Live Science.

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